Quality Control

BIG registration
The law of profession in the individual health care (BIG) regulates the jurisdiction when performing the profession of individual health care. Only those that meet the legal training requirements, are eligible to get registered in the BIG-registration. I am registered in this BIG-registration, see www.bigregister.nl
In the law BIG, there is a distinction between several professions. I am registered as a psychotherapist (article 3) in the BIG-registration, which is a protected title and functions as quality control. I am also registered as a healthcare psychologist (GZ-psychologist article 3) and clinical psychologist (article 14). These are protected titles and are specialized registrations in healthcare.

On June 9th 2016, I participated in the five year visitation project successfully, which includes practice visitation from the LVVP. There I received the visitation quality mark. Visitation means the following: to visit co-workers. The most important goal of visitation is to start an improvement process, to improve quality of the practice and, if needed, make corrections. Visitations show the strong and weak points of a practice. Every five years members of the LVVP receive a mandatory visitation as part of the membership. Visitation is an instrument to test for guaranteed quality control as is noted in the LVVP brochure, which states: “quality criteria for the independent practice”.

Intervision meetings with colleagues
During intervisions, diagnostics, indication statement and treatment of the client are anonymously discussed alongside the functioning of the therapist. This happens in an intervision group, where quality, expertise and effectiveness to act are tested. This is a requirement for reregistration into article 14 professions and other various registers of specific professional associations.

Quality status
The quality status of my practice is always available for you to read in my practice. Since January 1st  2017, all health care providers within ‘medical mental health care’ are required to have an approved quality status. A model of the quality status is carried by the profession- and trade associations within the mental health care and is thus a field standard.