Anneke Notermans

Anneke Notermans I am a clinical psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist, psychotherapist and a health care psychologist. I work within the mental health care at the GGzE in Eindhoven. In addition I have a private practice in psychotherapy.

Treatments can be given out of multiple frames of reference:
Behavioural therapy/ schema therapy, person centred experiential (client centred) therapy, Emotion focused therapy for individuals (EFT-i), family therapy (systeemtherapie; at the moment family therapy is not offered in my practice), Emotionally focused therapy for couples (EFT-c). Furthermore I am educated in EMDR and Attachment focused family therapy (AFFT).

During our collaboration we will try to understand your problem from ‘the inside’. I will be present as an active participant to help you get into contact with feelings..
Symptoms can be a signal of stagnation and it is important to investigate what caused them. How could this happen? Together we can search for a way to deal with it in a different way and that is best suited for your personal situation. The goal is to acquire a better quality of life. The treatment is simple and short if possible, intensive and long-lasting if needed.
My way of working is mainly process-aimed and themes that are important to you will form, through the sessions, the connecting line.


  • Clinical psychologist
  • Clinical neuropsychologist
  • Psychotherapist

BIG registrations

  • Clinical psychologist (69041590025)
  • Clinical neuropsychologist (registration has ended)
  • Psychotherapist (89041590016)
  • Health care psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) (69041590025)

Psychotherapeutic training

  • Behavioural therapy: supervisor and ‘learning therapist’. Member of ‘VGcT’.
  • Schema therapy: supervisor and registered in the society of schema therapy
    ‘Vereniging voor Schematherapie’.
  • Person centred and experiential Therapy (Client centred therapy): supervisor and ‘learning therapist’. Member of ‘VPEP’.
  • Emotion focused therapy individuals: supervisor. Member of ‘isEFT’.
  • Emotionally focused therapy for couples certified therapist. Member of ‘ICEEFT’
  • Familytherapy: (systeemtherapeut). Member of the Dutch society for partner-relationship therapy and family therapy ‘NVRG’.
  • Emotionally focused Family Therapy ( EFFT)
  • Attachment focused Family Therapy training (AFFT)

Other memberships

  • Member of the Dutch Association for Neuropsychology (NVN)
  • Member of the Dutch Association for Health care psychology and it’s specializations (NVGzP).
  • Member of the National Association of independent (vrijgevestigde) psychologists and psychotherapists (LVVP).
  • Member of the Dutch Association for Psychologists (NIP)

University education

  • Child and youth psychology, clinical specialization: Drs at Free University Amsterdam
  • Supplementary exam on developmental psychology at Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Orthopedagogics (Special education) Drs. at Radboud University Nijmegen, with a specialization in learning and behavioural disabilities

Higher professional education

  • Pedagogical academy: teacher at elementary school and middle school

Supervisor schema therapy
member International Society of Schema Therapy
Supervisor behavioural therapy
Supervisor person centred and experiential therapy
Supervisor Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for individuals
Learning therapist behavioural therapy
Learning therapist person centered / client-centered therapy

Work experience
1989 – 2018: working at the GGz Eindhoven until retirement: psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist
2018 – present: Psychotherapy and psychology practice Well Being B.V.
2014 – present: psychotherapy private practice Drs. A. Notermans
1980 – 1989: orthopedagogue and child and youth psychologist at a centre for education guidance at Eindhoven e.o.
1973 – 1980: Teacher middle school for technical education (LTS-ITO) Nijmegen
1973: Teacher elementary education Heugem ( Maastricht)