Laws and regulations

Law and regulations

We work within the framework of legislation and regulations:
The law WGBO: medical treatment agreement.
The explanation of the WGBO as stated by GGZ Nederland

The professional code for psychotherapists applies.
This professional code stipulates, among other things, that everything that is discussed is treated in strict confidence. This means that information is only given to third parties after your written consent..{695dd3e00335fc270fdf5dd039906071d6ec8c930b6751bf16e51451f0b4022c}202018.pdf

The professional code of the NIP is also mentioned, which is applicable, namely from 2015:

You can look up the authorizations of healthcare professionals in de BIG Act:

File and confidentiality
A file of the treatment is kept. All data important for the treatment is recorded there. Clients have the right, from the age of 16, to view their own file. Others are only allowed to view the file if you give written permission to do so. Yu can also withdraw this permission later. Even after your death, others are not entitled to inspect your file. If certain information turns out to be incorrect, you have the right to have improvements, additions or changes made.
The file is the property of the practice and therefore cannot be taken with you. You can however, receive a copy of part of the entire file.
The file is kept for 20 years after the end of the therapy. This is the legally required term. Then it is destroyed.
With your approval, as recorded in the approval statement, your general practitioner will be kept informed.
Information provision to and information exchange with third parties such as a company doctor and/or insurance doctor takes place in writing after you have given your approval in writing. The information will be discussed with you in advance and you will receive a copy of the letter.
In accordance with the guidelines of the medical organization KNMG, no information is provided to lawyers and advocates.

Information that is at least necessary for reimbursement of the insurance company will be made available to the relevant authority, taking into account the required safety standards.

  • Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (WBP)
  • Het beroepsgeheim in samenwerkingsverbanden. A guide for professionals in Health Care.
  • The European Privacy Law: Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) is in effect since May 25th 2018 in the EU.