Terms of payment

Article 1
The general terms of payment apply to all diagnostic- and treatment agreements, both oral and on paper, engaged by both practitioner and client.

Article 2
Payment occurs to services rendered and not to results.

Article 3
Cancellation of an appointment is done by phone, voicemail, email or text. When the appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours, then the practitioner is entitled to charge the full cost of the session to the client (also in case of superior numbers).

Article 4
The declared costs for diagnostic activities and/or treatment by the practitioner are to be fulfilled within 30 days after the date, as stated in the invoice. In case the client does neglect to pay within 14 days after receiving the invoice, he/she will be considered in default, at which point, the client will be obligated to pay a percentage of the original cost. Until this is fulfilled, the client will be considered in default.

Article 5:
If the client has not paid within 30 days, a payment reminder will be sent. If the client still does not hold up to the obligations, a final written warning will be sent. If the client does neglect to pay after the set period stated in the final written warning ‘notice of default’, a debt collection agency will be sent forth.

Article 6:
If the client becomes in default regarding payment obligations, all costs concerning judicial and extrajudicial matters regarding declared sums are bound to the client.

Article 7:
In case of payment arrears, the practitioner is entitled to suspend further treatment until the client suffices the payment obligation.